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Who can use the site?

Our site is dedicated to connecting people with a passion for creating and hosting live music. Whatever your skill – performer, venue bookings manager, sound technician – as long as you have something beneficial to offer; you can create an online profile that makes those connections even easier. Not only do we unite venues with talent, we also offer an exhaustive database of live music events – so that any music lover can find what they’re looking for.

Is Music Dedication free? 

 YES! This website was built in the interest of helping all aspects of live music, all profiles are FREE. All we ask in return is people use the site to its full potential, don't leave blank profiles and generally help grow the community into a place where you can truly find what they are looking for and connect with the right people.

Will Music Dedication claim copyright on my music?

Certainly not; the copyright to any promotional video or music demo belongs with the act that uploads it. However, we ask you to make sure that you do own the copyright to any of the media you upload; as this is your responsibility.

Can I trust the acts I book? is a listings site/directory, we are not responsible for acts; however every precaution is taken, and accounts are monitored, to make sure acts behave respectfully.

It’s in an act’s best interest to build up their profile honestly. Profiles should be made up of multiple references; including gig counts, legitimate reviews from clients and venues, as well as accurate professional promo, social links and website details – this allows you to better asses an act before booking them.

If you’re thinking of booking a private event, we highly recommend searching our Reccomended Section; where only professional, experienced acts have been approved and accepted by us. James or Liz are on hand to deal with bookings and give professional advice so please get in touch.

How quick can I expect a response from an enquiry?

All enquiries and booking offers go directly to the manager of the act. All acts are encouraged to respond as soon as possible to discuss or confirm booking requests. Monitoring calendars is a great way to determine whether or not an act is available for specific dates before you approach them.

Getting intouch with us directly will guarntee a quick response and enquiries will be dealt with to the highest standard.

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